Keynote 2 Prof. E. Kolbrun Svavarsdottir

Important components of effective family care
In order to improve individual and family health, patient and family engage care (PFEC) has now reached health care professionals attention in order to improve health outcomes.  PFEC is a care that is planned, delivered, managed and continuously improved in active partnership with patients and their families, to ensure integration of their health and health care goals, preferences, and values.  At Landspitali the University Hospital in Iceland, Family System Nursing was over a decade ago, integrated systematically into patients’ care, with that in mind to improve health outcomes, family functioning, well-being and satisfaction with the health care service. Through that knowledge translation program, the Family Strength Oriented Therapeutic Conversation intervention (FAM-SOTC) was developed and tested within variety of different clinical settings. Results from different clinical research projects where the FAM-SOTC intervention was offered, will be presented and future implications discussed.