#  Abstract title Main author
01  Family Approach in Dutch prisons  Sofie Lorijn 
02  "The effects of a multidisciplinary educational course on burden, health literacy and needs of family caregivers”  Valeria Caponnetto
03  Family-Centered Care from the Perspective of Parents of Children Cared for in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)  Carrie Hill 
04  Extreme premature infants in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)-  Experiences and coping strategies of parents  Julia Söhngen 
05  Initiative for Empowerment through Participation: Needs analysis for strengthening the regional SMEs  Sven-Nelson Ruppert 
06 Family Importance in Nursing Care- Nurses’ Attitudes instrument: psychometric evaluation based on Partial Credit Model  Ellen Hagedoorn 
07 Caregiver balance: development of an eHealth application to support decision-making  Anne Looijmans 
08 Nurses’ Perspectives on the Results of a Six-Day Training in Family Nursing Conversations  Susanne Broekema 
09 Families’ Experiences with Family Nursing Conversations in Home Health Care  Susanne Broekema 
10  Self-management support in the child rehabilitation center and the art of listening.  Kiki van Heel 
11  Family Support of people with visual impairment and severe or profound intellectual disability: the role of siblings  Aly Waninge 
12  Listen to families; A customer journey in a child rehabilitation clinic  Cathy Damhuis 
13  Explanations for intergenerational transference of addiction:  Perspective of the person with  parent(s) who suffer from addiction  Margreet van der Meer-Jansma 
14 Connection: Family care based on the CRAFT for the concerned significant other of a client with  substance use disorders: a nursing perspective  Carlien Dusseldorp 
15 The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Letter Study: Access to Health Information  Jananee Rasiah 
16 BAIA: A Metaphor And Acronym To Emphasize The Need For Relationship Building In Family Nursing Interviews  Barbara Preusse 
17  Speech and language therapists views on parents’ engagement with parent-child interaction therapy  Inge Klatte 
18  Parent Reported Outcome Measures in speech and language therapy  Ingrid Singer 
19  A study on the attitude and perception of family of patients admitted to a surgical hospital ward towards family involvement  Gabriëlle Steggerda 
20  Support needs of young people with mild intellectual disabilities in transition to adulthood  Monique Koks - Leensen 
21  Including patient preferences and geriatric assessment in the decision making process  Hanneke van der  Wal- Huisman 
22 Nursing students inclusion of family nursing in their bachelorette thesis from 2009-2016  Barbara Voltelen 
23 Nursing Intervention in Family’s Transitions: a curricular change in undergraduate nursing education to create change Maria de Lourdes Varandas
24 A case-study on family-centered care of children in the emergency department Sónia Borges Rodrigues
25  Measuring reciprocal behaviour at Family Nursing Conversations Jelly Zuidersma